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How to use the Wi-Fi Direct feature on a BRAVIA TV

    Wi-Fi Direct® allows you to wirelessly connect a device to the TV without using a wireless router, and then stream videos, photos, and music from that device directly to the TV.

    Note: There are several ways to display content of a device on the TV screen. For other wireless connection methods refer to the Tips on how to wirelessly display phone and tablet content on your TV using casting, AirPlay, screen mirroring, or Wi-Fi Direct article.

    Before you start

    • Make sure your TV software is updated to the latest version.
    • Depending on your TV model, the device that you are using, or your country, some functions may not be available.
    • Not all TVs have the Wi-Fi Direct feature. To see if your product supports the Wi-Fi Direct feature, check the specifications or the supplied manual.
    • For more details regarding the Wi-Fi Direct feature, refer to the What is the Wi-Fi Direct feature? article.

    Set up and use the Wi-Fi Direct feature

    Activate the Wi-Fi Direct mode on the TV and establish a connection with the device. Once the setup is complete, media can be shared between the device and the TV.

    Step 1. Set up the Wi-Fi Direct feature of the TV

    Note: For your TV model, refer to the How to check if your BRAVIA TV is a Google TV™, Android TV™, or other TV article.

    Google TV and Android TV models Other TV models released in 2015 and later Other TV models released in 2013 and 2014 Other TV models released in 2011 and 2012

    Step 2. Connect a device to the TV and send content.

    Android™ mobile device iOS mobile device Computer Camera


    If the device cannot connect to the TV, refer to the article The Wi-Fi Direct or Screen mirroring function doesn't work.

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