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How do I use the voice search function on the remote control?

    Our Android TV™ and Google TV™ line-up support voice recognition functionality. This feature, called voice search, allows you to send commands to the TV using your voice.

    Note: If your TV has Google Assistant built-in, you can ask Google Assistant for help. Whether your TV supports this functionality depends on the region and language. For details, refer to the Google Assistant supported countries and languages article.

    Before you start

    The TV requires an active internet connection to use voice search. You will need to pair the remote control to your Android TV before it works. The pairing method depends on the remote control type.

    • For 2016 and newer TVs, pair the IR remote control to the TV.

    • For 2015 TVs, pair the Touchpad remote control to the TV.

    Note: If you are unsure of the model year, it can be found on the serial number label located on the back of the TV, or it may be in the Specifications link on the main model page.

    Perform voice search

    You can watch the video tutorial or skip to the instructions below.

    • For Google TV models (except for KD-xxW830K, KD-xxX75K series):
      1. On your remote control, press and hold the microphone button.
      2. Say your command into the built-in microphone.
    • For Google TVs KD-xxW830K, KD-xxX75K series, and Android TV models:
      1. On your remote control, press the microphone button.
      2. After the red LED on the remote control lights up, the voice search function is activated. You can then say your command into the built-in microphone.


    • The position of the microphone button may vary depending on your model or region.
    • After activation, the voice search function will only stay on for a few seconds before it automatically deactivates. Repeat the steps above if you can't speak before the function deactivates.
    • Some commands may not work. The word or phrase you used may not be available in the Google™ database. Other phrases or words may be added in the future through a software update.
    • The voice search function only supports English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese languages. Other languages may be added in the future through a software update. Downloads are posted on your model support page.
    • The voice search function doesn't support web browsing. You will only get content from the YouTube™ app and the Google Play™ store as results, including apps affiliated with Google. Follow the steps below according to your TV menu path to view apps linked with the voice search function.
      • Quick settingsSettingsAccounts & Sign InGoogle TV AccountGoogle AssistantSearchable apps.
      • HOMESettingsDevice PreferencesGoogle AssistantSearchable apps.
      • HOMESettingsDevice PreferencesGoogleSearchable apps.
      • HOMESettingsSearchSearchable apps.

    Sample search phrases

    The voice search function of the Android TV device allows users to do the following using the optional accessory Touchpad Remote Control or the supplied IR Remote Control.

    • Search for content - A list of relevant content and apps will appear on-screen. Here are sample search phrases:
      • Pancakes
      • Romantic comedies
      • Movie awards
    • Ask questions - Answers will appear on-screen. Here are sample questions.
      • Who is the president of Italy?
      • What time is it in London?
      • What is 24,000 divided by 7?
    • Control or operate the TV - The input or app will be activated. Below are sample control commands.
      • HDMI1
      • Open YouTube

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