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Compatible wall-mount brackets and screw hole patterns for TVs

    This article provides basic information for mounting your TV to a wall using a wall mount bracket, the screw hole pattern (distance between screw holes), length of the power cord, and weight of the TV without the stand.

    Before you start

    • WARNING!There's a risk of damage to your TV if you don't follow the installation instructions correctly. We're not liable for any damages or injury caused by mishandling or improper installation of the wall-mount bracket.

    • WARNING!If you use substitute items other than the supplied screws, the TV may fall and cause physical injury to someone or damage to the internal parts of the TV.

    • For safety and product protection, we recommend that a qualified professional performs the installation of your TV on the wall. The wall must have the strength to withstand four times (six times in some models) the weight of the TV.
      • Contact your local retailer or local custom installer to assist with this installation.
      • Check the wall-mount installation manual supplied with your TV for more information about the strength of the wall.
    • For safety reasons, and to make sure the installation is performed correctly, follow the wall-mount bracket instruction manual, the TV Setup Guide, and the instructions in this article.
    • We don't guarantee the use of third-party wall mount brackets or screws.

    Information about the screws, screw hole patterns, and measurements

    Use the screws supplied with the wall-mount bracket specified for your TV when attaching your mount. Make sure to use the proper size and length of screws specified for your TV.

    • WARNING!If you use screws other than those specifically supplied with the wall mount bracket for your TV, the TV may fall and cause physical injury to someone or damage to the TV.

    • The wall mount hole pattern on some models may conform to the VESA Mount Standard, but the number and depth of the screw holes do not.

      TV back panel image with A, B, and C labels for width, height, and screw holes

      [A] W (width)

      [B] H (height)

      [C] screw holes

    Note: Some models come with an AC power adapter. The length of power cord and the size of the AC power adapter is listed for some models. Check your TV for additional details.

    AC power adapter image with A, B, and C labels for width, height, and depth

    [A] W (width)

    [B] H (height)

    [C] D (depth)

    Compatibility chart

    Select your TV model year for information on the compatible wall-mount bracket, supplied screws, wall mount hole pattern, length of the power cord, and TV weight without a stand.

    Check the Reference Guide and wall-mount installation manual for additional information specific to your model.

    Note: If you're unsure of the model year, check the Specifications section of your model support page . If the TV was released in 2015 or older, the model year may not be listed.

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