Compatible USB Storage Devices

    Here is list of USB storage devices that can be used for the TV system software update.

    IMPORTANT: The USB storage device must be reformatted to the FAT32 file system BEFORE you copy the update file to it. Go to the instructions to reformat the device to FAT32.

    Manufacturer Device Size
    Sony Micro Vault Tiny 2GB
    Micro Vault White 2GB
    Micro Vault Black 2GB
    Sandisk Cruzer Black 1GB
    Cruzer Pattern 1GB 2GB
    Verbatim Store'N'Go 1GB
    Toshiba Transmemory 1GB
    Edge Secure Guard DiskGo 128MB
    Lexar JD Secure 1GB
    Memorex Travel Drive 512MB
    Kingston DT Mini Fun 1GB
    Kingston Data Traveler 4GB
    Imation Clip 1GB
    EP Memory Surf Drive 1GB
    Crucial Technologies Gizmo!overdrive 1GB
    Kanguru Kanguru 1GB
    Centon DataStick Pro 2GB
    ocZ Mini Kart 1GB
    Point International Mini Flash 128MB
    PNY Attaché 1GB

    How to Format the USB device to FAT32

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    In order to use the USB storage device for this update, it must be reformatted to the FAT32 File System.

    WARNING: Formatting the USB device will delete all content on the device.

    Follow these steps to reformat the USB Device for FAT32.
    Note: These steps may vary by operating system.

    1. Attach the USB device to your computer via a USB port.
    2. Click Start and then click "My Computer."
    3. In the "My Computer" window, right-click on the drive icon in which the USB device appears.
    4. From the menu, click "Format...."
    5. In the "FORMAT device name (drive letter)" window, under "File system," click the drop-down arrow and select FAT32 and then click the Start button.

    6. Format Removebale Disk Screen

    7. At the "WARNING..." message, click OK to continue.
    8. WARNING: Formatting the USB device will delete all content on the device.
    9. At the "Format Complete" message, click OK.
    10. Click the Close button to close the "FORMAT device name (drive letter)" window.
    11. Click the X in the top-right to close the "My Computer" window.