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How to connect external speakers.

    Normal external speakers cannot be connected directly to most TVs. The TV needs to have speaker level output jacks to allow for a direct speaker connection. Instead, many TVs have a red and white Composite Audio Out, Digital Optical Output, or Mini plug jack that requires a connection to amplified speakers or a receiver.

    IMPORTANT: Refer to the instruction manual provided with your TV to verify what types of connections are available.

    It may be possible to connect amplified computer speakers if the TV has a Composite Audio Out or Mini plug jack.

    • If the TV has a Composite Audio Out jack, use a mini plug-to-composite audio adapter cable to connect the computer speakers.
    • If the TV has a Mini plug jack, the stereo mini jack of the computer speakers can be directly connected to it.


    • It may be necessary to turn on the AUDIO OUT connection in the AUDIO or SOUND menu of the TV.
    • Amplified speakers require a separate power source; the TV cannot provide power to the speakers.
    • Visit the Sony Store to view available sound bars that may be able to be used with your TV.

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