Article ID : 00074164 / Last Modified : 08/20/2019

Enable Closed Caption on the Hulu app

    The closed caption feature of the Hulu® app doesn't turn on when the CC button is pressed on the remote.

    Applicable Products

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    Steps to Enable the Closed Caption Feature

    If you haven't started a movie or TV show yet:

    1. Open the Hulu app.
    2. Select SETTINGS.

      Hulu plus settings

    3. Select CAPTIONS, then press the Enter button.
    4. Choose On under CAPTIONS.

      HP captions on

    If the movie or TV show has already started:

    1. Press the up arrow button.
    2. Select Options.

      hulu plus options

    3. Select Captions: Off.
    4. Press the Enter button to select Captions On.

      Hulu plus caption on options