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How to charge the Sony 3D glasses.

    Follow these steps to charge the Sony 3D Active glasses.

    NOTE: Make sure this solution is applicable to your 3D glasses model .

    1. Turn off the 3D glasses.
    2. Turn on the TV.
    3. Connect the USB cable to the USB input on the 3D glasses.
    4. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the USB input on the TV.

      IMPORTANT: The glasses cannot be charged on a Sony TV that was manufactured prior to 2011. For model-specific information, refer to the operations manual supplied with the TV. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    5. The amber (red) indicator light will turn on while the glasses are charging and turn off when the charging is complete.


    • The glasses will not charge when the TV is off or in standby mode.
    • The glasses will not charge while in use.
    • To extend the longevity of rechargeable battery, we recommend you avoid keeping the 3D glasses in high temperatures. Avoid direct sunlight and store in cool, dry temperatures (50-77F).
    • Avoid going long periods of time without charging the battery. Make sure that the battery is charged at least every six months.
    • The 3D glasses can be charged either by the TV or by using an optional AC power adapter (AC-U501AD).

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