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The Wi-Fi Direct or Screen Mirroring supported device doesn't connect to the TV

    IMPORTANT: Android TV™ and Google TV™ models released after 2020 don't support the Screen mirroring function. Refer to your operation manuals or specifications for details.

    Please check the following.

    1. Make sure your devices are free from Wi-Fi® interference.
      • Many wireless devices use 2.4GHz frequency, which may interfere with the Wi-Fi Direct® or Screen Mirroring functions. Keep your TV away from other devices that use 2.4 GHz frequency such as Bluetooth® devices, cordless telephones, baby monitors, microwaves, etc. These may prevent supported devices from connecting to the TV, or degrade the image quality during Wi-Fi Direct or Screen Mirroring use.
    2. Perform a power reset.
    3. Check the Show Device List/Delete list for the permission status of your devices. If the permission status of your device is Decline, delete the registered device and register it again.

      Note: The steps vary depending on the TV model. Check your manual for model-specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

      • For Android TV models:
        1. Open the gear icon Settings screen on the TV.
        2. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:
          • Select Network & Internet or NetworkWi-Fi DirectShow Device List/DeleteDelete all.
          • Select NetworkWi-Fi DirectAdvanced settingsShow Device List/DeleteDelete all.
      • For other TV models:
        1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
        2. Select Applications or Settings.
          • If Settings was highlighted in the previous step, select Network.
        3. Select Wi-Fi Direct Mode or Wi-Fi Direct Settings.
        4. Press the OPTIONS button on the remote.
        5. Select Show device list/Delete.
        6. Press the OPTIONS button on the remote.
        7. Select All Delete.
    4. If new software (firmware) is available for your TV, update the TV software.
    5. If the issue still occurs, try another mobile device or restart the device.