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Reset the Google TV or Android TV to factory settings

    Before you start

    Step 1: Power Reset

    First, try performing a Power Reset if you still need to. A Power Reset doesn't usually reset settings such as those mentioned below. Warning to factory settings. If you have already performed the Power Reset, proceed to the next step.

    Step 2: Factory Data Reset

    WARNING! A Factory data reset deletes all customized settings, including channels, account information (such as a Google account, system and applications data, downloaded apps, wired and Wi-Fi network settings, parental lock settings, and camera device data. The TV will return to how it was at the time of purchase.

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    Step 3 - Forced Factory data reset

    If the customer can't perform the normal Factory Reset operation due to issues such as not operating the TV screen with the remote control, they can try a forced Factory Reset.

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