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4K HDR: Experience high quality picture with your 4K TV

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    What are 4K and HDR?

    A 4K picture has a resolution of about 8,290,000 pixels, which is four times that of a full high definition (2K). Even when viewed on a large screen, it achieves high-definition picture quality down to the smallest details and reproduces realistic details and textures.

    Note: 4K has higher picture quality than high definition (HD) and is also referred to as Ultra HD (UHD).


    1080 x 1920 pixels2160 x 3840 pixels


    HDR (High Dynamic Range) can render brightness in a range wider than normal pictures. The higher standard of brightness that can be displayed allows for high-contrast pictures, and detailed color renders.

    Normal pictureHDR picture


    Does my TV support 4K or HDR?

    How do I enjoy 4K or HDR content?