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Use your mobile device to display photos and videos to your TV using Chromecast Built-in

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Before you start

    • For the mobile devices, the Chromecast™ built-in function:
      • Works if the Android™ device has version 2.3 or later and the Apple® iOS™ device has version 7.0 or later.
      • Allows the mobile device to cast content from compatible apps to the Android device.
      • Doesn't support casting from the Google Chrome™ browser.
      • To know more about Chromecast built-in, you can visit the Official Chromecast built-in web site.
    • Make sure that your TV and mobile devices have the latest software update and are connected to the same network.

    Cast Your Photos and Videos

    1. Launch the Chromecast-enabled app on your mobile device.
    2. On the app screen, tap the Chromecast built-in icon.

      Cast icon on phone screen

    3. Select the TV model.
    4. Tap Play to start playback.

    The content will begin to play on the selected TV.