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After connecting or disconnecting wired headphones, the TV sound no longer outputs from Bluetooth devices

    To correct this condition, perform one of the following procedures to re-establish the Bluetooth® connection and improve the sound.

    • On the Bluetooth device, disconnect and reconnect the TV.
    • On the Bluetooth settings of the TV menu, disconnect and then reconnect the Bluetooth device.

      Note: The steps below allow you to re-establish the Bluetooth connection on your TV without releasing the pairing from the Bluetooth device.

      1. Access the Settings screen
        • Using the Quick Settings button: Press the (Quick Settings) button → and select Settings.
        • Using the HOME button: Press the HOME button → and select Settings.
      2. This step will depend on your TV menu options:
        • Select Remotes & Accessories — (Bluetooth device name) A2DPDisconnect.
        • Select Remotes & AccessoriesBluetooth settings → Bluetooth device name → Disconnect.
        • Select the Bluetooth device name → Connect.