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Is information about the HDMI versions available for Sony products?

    There is much confusion about the HDMI® versions and concerns about compatibility. For this reason, we do not promote the HDMI versions incorporated on many of our products. Instead of HDMI version numbers, we advertise the features of a product that are associated with a particular HDMI version.

    Just because a product has a particular HDMI version that can support a certain feature, it does not always mean the product supports that feature. For example, although the HDMI version 1.3 supports x.v.Color™ technology, the product itself may not necessarily have x.v.Color capability. So, it makes more sense to promote a product based on its features, rather than promote an HDMI version that may lead to an incorrect assumption that a product has a particular feature.

    The important thing to know is that the newer HDMI versions are backwards-compatible with the older HDMI versions. Therefore, you can connect products with the different HDMI versions to one another and still get the picture and sound.