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Error: Frequency Out of Range

    This error may occur if a connection problem is detected between the playback device and video projector. It can present itself if the cable connecting both devices is connected after the playback device and video projector have already been turned on; the cable should be connected before turning on either device. Try turning the playback device and projector off and then back on to resolve this error.

    If the playback device you are connecting is a desktop or notebook computer, then it is also possible that the video screen resolution of the computer is not being recognized by the projector. To resolve this issue when connected with a computer, try the following:

    1. Turn off the projector.
    2. Turn off the computer.
    3. Disconnect the cable between the computer and projector.
    4. Temporarily connect the computer to a computer monitor.

      Note: This step is not necessary if you are using a notebook computer.

    5. Turn the computer on again.
    6. Change the computer screen resolution to a lower setting, such as 800 by 600 pixels.


      • For an Apple® Macintosh® computer, see the Help section of the operating system for information.
      • For a computer running a Microsoft® Windows® operating system you can also check the Help section for information.
    7. After changing the screen resolution, turn off the computer.
    8. Reconnect the cable between the computer and the projector.
    9. Turn on the projector.
    10. Turn the computer on again.