Article ID : 00203830 / Last Modified : 07/18/2019

What is IMAX enhanced?

    IMAX® Enhanced is a licensing and certification program for high-end TVs and projectors. It meets a carefully prescribed set of performance requirements from IMAX and DTS® engineers and Hollywood's leading technical specialists to deliver IMAX digitally remastered, high-quality, and sharp 4K HDR images with powerful, immersive sound. All certified devices will carry the IMAX Enhanced logo.

    Visit our official news page or the IMAX Enhanced website for more information.

    Supported models

    • TV model series
      • XBR Z9G
      • XBR A9G
      • XBR A8G
      • XBR X950G
      • XBR Z9F
      • XBR A9F
      • XBR A8F
      • XBR X900F
      • XBR A1E
    • Projectors
      • VPL-VW995ES
      • VPL-VW695ES
      • VPL-VW295ES
      • VPL-VW285ES
      • VPL-VW385ES
      • VPL-VW675ES
      • VPL-VW885ES
      • VPL-VZ1000ES
      • VPL-VW5000ES