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Disney Plus error codes and messages

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    This article will help you troubleshoot error messages and error codes when using the Disney Plus app.

    Error messages

    If the message App no longer compatible with the TV or Your device isn’t compatible with this version or Not available in your region is displayed on your TV screen:

    • Check if Disney Plus is available in the country the TV is located in by visiting the Where is Disney+ available? | Disney+ ( page.
    • Create a new Gmail address to sign in to the Google TV™ by choosing the same country the TV is in and associating your Google Play™ account with that country.

    Note: Disney Plus is not supported over the VPN connections to the countries where it's offered.

    Error code 142

    Error We’re sorry, we’re having trouble connecting you to the service. Please check to see that you are still connected to the internet, and try again (error code 142) may appear when an application can't connect to the network. Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue, and check if the issue is resolved after completing each step.

    • Update the Disney Plus app to its latest version
    • Close and restart the Disney app
    • Check your internet connection
      Regardless of your TV type, there are a few things that you can check first. If model-specific information is needed, refer to your product manuals .
      1. Power reset your modem/router.
        1. Unplug the power cable to your modem/router and wait about 60 seconds.
        2. Reconnect the power cable to your modem/router and make sure it's turned on.
        3. Wait until the device is finished making the connection to the internet and your network.
        4. Check if the issue is resolved.
      2. Check signal strength and possible interference
        When using a Wi-Fi® connection, the distance of the router to your device is another factor to consider. To maximize your viewing experience when streaming video or listening from an audio app, make sure that the router is placed near your device. They shouldn't be more than 25 feet away from each other. If possible, install both devices in a location without walls in between them. Other wireless devices such Bluetooth® speakers, wireless phones, microwave ovens, and devices sending a radio frequency may also cause poor signal strength.
      3. Sign out from the Disney Plus account wait for a few seconds, and sign in again
      4. Uninstall and re-install the Disney Plus App

    If the issue still occurs, refer to the Disney+ Help Center | Support & FAQs page for more information.

    All other error codes

    Visit the Disney+ Help Center | Support & FAQs page and search for your specific error code for more information.