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How to display or remove Extended Data Services (XDS) or Closed Captioned (CC) information.

    Depending on the TV model, pressing the DISPLAY button or CC button on the supplied remote control displays and removes XDS and CC information from the screen. The images below are examples of the location of the Subtitle or CC button on different Sony® remote controls.

    CC buton


    • A TV cannot display CC information if it is not provided by the program provider.
    • Sony® TVs do not provide an option for CC information to be displayed in different languages.
    • Turning CC options on when the TV is set to the tuner input activates CC information for all VIDEO input jacks.
    • XDS cannot be activated or disabled when a television is set to a VIDEO input.
    • TVs manufactured before July of 1993 may not have CC options.
    • If XDS or CC options on a TV have been disabled, but it still displays on the screen, then the information may be coming from a cable box or satellite receiver. If this is the case, using the remote control for the cable box or satellite receiver to remove XDS or CC is necessary.

    NOTE: The procedure to configure XDS and CC options varies by TV model. For model-specific information, consult the instruction manual of the TV. Manuals are posted on your model support page.