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What is the life expectancy of the lamp?

    Because there are different factors - such as dust, heat, power interruptions and surges - that can affect lamp life, Sony does not quote a life expectancy for the lamp.

    There are, however, a couple of things you can do to help ensure you get the most out of the lamp and help improve its life:

    • Ensure the TV has sufficient ventilation.
    • Reduce the Brightness and Picture settings on the TV.
    • Do not unplug the TV from the electrical outlet immediately after turning off.

    One of the primary factors that reduces lamp life is heat. Hence, if the TV does not have sufficient ventilation, heat build-up can occur. In addition, running the Brightness and Picture settings of the TV at the highest level all the time can cause excessive wear on the lamp; so, you may consider minimizing these settings to a more desirable level. On a final note, a fan is built into the TV that is designed to cool down the lamp after the TV has been turned off - if the TV is turned off and then immediately unplugged from the electrical outlet, the fan will be unable to cool the lamp.