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The audio quality of television broadcasts is poor when listening through a surround sound receiver.

    There are many factors that can cause poor television audio through a surround sound receiver. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.


    • Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the television audio status after completing each step.
    • If the television reception is poor and audio sounds poor when it is playing through the television, it will sound poor when it is played through a surround sound receiver. The television reception issue is causing the poor audio.
    1. If the audio line outputs on the television are variable depending on the volume setting of the television, turn down the television output volume to about half.

      NOTE: Sony® televisions have settings for fixed or variable audio outputs. The fixed setting is recommended to produce the best audio quality.

    2. Because phono inputs have a built in amplifier that can cause distortion for any source other than a turntable, if the television audio output is connected to the Phono input, connect the television audio output to a different input on the receiver.
    3. Some televisions offer surround sound settings in their menu system to improve the soundfield when using the speakers built into the television which can distort the audio through a surround sound receiver. Disable the surround sound effects on the television to improve surround sound receiver audio quality.
    4. Verify that the A/V cables being used to connect the television to the receiver are not damaged.

      NOTE: Replace the A/V cables if damaged.

    5. Some cable boxes have volume control which can cause low or distorted audio if not set properly. Contact the cable provider for assistance with their cable box.
    6. If the issue is still unresolved after completing the troubleshooting steps suggested, service may be required.  Go to Product Repair.