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My TV picture appears stretched or squeezed

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Depending on what you're watching, this issue could be caused by either the TV or the signal source (cable/satellite set-top box, DVD player, or other device). Each of these devices may have a zoom/wide option or aspect ratio control that's used adjust the size of the picture being shown on the screen.

    Note: If model-specific information is required to complete any of the steps in this solution, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product. Manuals are posted on your model support page.


    1. Check to see if your TV has a ZOOM / WIDE mode option or control for adjusting the aspect ratio. If so, change the setting to NORMAL.


      • If your TV remote has a SCREEN MODE button, press this button until NORMAL is selected.
      • A Vertical Center or V Center menu option is available on some TVs that allows the position of the picture to be moved up or down on the screen for adjustment.
      • The aspect ratio can't be changed on some TVs when a 720P or 1080i signal is being received.
    2. If using a cable/satellite set-top box, DVD player, or another device, check that device for aspect ratio controls and try selecting a different display option.


      • Check the product manuals for display options and if necessary, contact the manufacturer of your cable/satellite set-top box, DVD player or other device for assistance.
      • In most instances, this issue is resolved by completing one or both of the steps above. If these steps don't resolve the issue, continue with the troubleshooting steps.
    3. Remove any Extended Data Services (XDS) or Closed Captioned (CC) information from the screen.
    4. Perform a power reset of the TV.
    5. Change the channel to see if the issue occurs on other stations and programs. The issue could be with the signal being broadcast.


      • The top or bottom of the screen may be covered with banners or tickers when watching some news programs.
      • The program you are watching may be broadcast or recorded in an aspect ratio that will not properly fit your screen.
    6. If available, change the video input on your TV to a different video source to help determine if the issue is with the TV or from the video source.
    7. Check the TV menu, if the issue is also affecting the TV menu, then the TV may require service.

    The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve your issue. If you have completed all of the steps and the issue is not resolved, service may be required.  Go to Product Repair.