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Black bars appear on the sides of the picture when watching a movie using Blu-ray Disc player.

    Black bars may be displayed on the top and bottom, left and right side, or all four sides of the TV screen when playing a DVD disc or a Blu-ray Disc. This is likely to happen when the movie title has an aspect ratio that is not similar to the aspect ratio of your TV screen. Follow the steps below to remove these black bars through the Blu-ray Disc settings.

    1. Using the Blu-ray Disc remote control, press the HOME button.
    2. Use the Navigation buttons and select Setup.
    3. Use the Up or down arrow button and select Screen Settings.
    4. Configure the different screen settings depending on the type of TV connected.

      • Set the TV Type according to the screen type of your TV.


      • Set the Screen Format to Normal or Fixed Aspect Ratio.

        NOTE: If the Normal or Fixed Aspect Ratio settings did not remove the black bars, set Screen Format to Original or Full and use the TV's wide mode settings to adjust the screen size. Contact the TV manufacturer to check the specifications or the instructions manual of your TV to see if it has its own wide mode settings.

        For TVs manufactured by Sony, an article with detailed steps to change the wide mode setting is available .