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How to play 3D video captured with the 3D Bloggie camera on a VAIO 3D enabled computer.

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The 3D Bloggie® camera is a 3D video camera capable of capturing 1080p High Definition 3D video. 3D video can be played back on the Bloggie's built in LCD screen (no 3D glasses required), on a SONY® 3D TV (active 3D glasses are required), or you can import the video to a 3D enabled VAIO® computer and play back the video in 3D (active 3D glasses are also required for viewing in 3D).

Follow these steps to transfer 3D video from the Bloggie and then view on the 3D VAIO PC.

  1. Transfer the video from the Bloggie to the Bloggie Software on the computer.
  2. Once the 3D video is imported, locate the video clip on the computer.

    NOTE: By default, the Bloggie Software imports files to Users\Documents\BloggieLibrary folder.

  3. On the VAIO computer, click the Start button, click All Programs, click the NVIDIA Corporation folder, click 3D Vision and then click NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player. Image
  4. Drag a 3D MP4 video from the Bloggie Library folder and drop it inside the NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player. A Stereoscopic Input Format window will appear. In the Stereoscopic Input Format window, choose Side by Side, Left Image First and then click the OK button. Image
  5. If necessary, click the Play arrow in the NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player window.


    • To watch the movie in 3D, you must be wearing the active 3D glasses,
    • To switch the computer to 3D mode, press the 3D button. Image
  6. An error: Cannot switch to 3D display will appear after pressing the 3D button unless 3D content is actively playing back on the computer. To verify that the video was captured in 3D, open the Bloggie Software used to import the clip to the PC, click on the Library link on the left. All video clips imported to the PC with the Bloggie Software will appear in the center. 3D videos will have a 3D logo located in the upper right corner of them . Image

    If you are having problems with setting up 3D on your VAIO computer or for more information on using the 3D function, refer to this article.