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Error: PMB.msi or MergeModule x86.msi installer failure when installing PlayMemories Home software

    Follow the steps below if you get the error message PMB.msi or MergeModule x86.msi installer failure when installing the PlayMemories Home™ software on a computer with Microsoft® Windows® operating system. Check if you can continue to install the software without the error after completing each step.

    1. Update the Windows® OS to the latest version.
      • For details on these steps , consult the manufacturer of your computer.
    2. Check if you have access rights to the destination folder for the PlayMemories Home installation.
      • PlayMemories Home will not install properly if you don't have access rights to the folder it will be installed on to. Check whether you can access the folder path C:\Program Files(x86)\Sony\PlayMemoriesHome, or create a new folder from Explorer.
    3. Uninstall and reinstall the PlayMemories Home software.
      1. Uninstall the PlayMemories Home software.
      2. Delete the folder in which PlayMemories Home is installed.
        • Use the Windows Explorer and check the file folder C:\Program Files(x86)\Sony\PlayMemoriesHome and delete any remaining file.
      3. Install the PlayMemories Home software without an internet connection.
    4. Create a new user account and activate the PlayMemories Home restoration tool.
      • A user account problem may have caused this issue. Create a new user account, activate the PlayMemories Home restoration tool, and then perform re-installation.
        1. Create an administrator user account.
        2. Restart the computer and log in with the created user account.
    5. Deactivate a software that is always active on the computer (resident software).
      • PlayMemories Home may not install properly because of a resident software.
    6. Deactivate any antivirus or security software.
      • Consult each software manufacturer for more information.