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Turn on the Noise Canceling function

    Using the touch sensor or button on the headset, turn on the Noise Canceling function.

    The procedure or button name varies depending on the model. If you need model-specific information, check your . However, here are some examples:

    Example for WF-1000XM3

    While wearing the headset, tap the L side touch sensor until you hear the voice guidance "Noise canceling".

    In the default setting, you can switch the Noise Canceling function and Ambient Sound by tapping the L side touch sensor.
    Image tapping the touch sensor of WF-1000XM3

    Example for WH-H910N

    On the Left earcup, press the C (custom) button repeatedly to turn on the Noise Canceling function.
    Image indicating the C (custom) button of WH-H910N

    Notes: If you cannot switch the Noise Canceling function:

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