Article ID : 00243495 / Last Modified : 03/31/2020

The available playtime of the headset (WF-H800) is short even if it's fully charged

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    Check the following:

    • Turn off sound settings such as DSEE HX Auto and Equalizer on the Sony | Headphones Connect app. These settings shorten the playtime when turned on.
      • Operating time when fully charged.
        CodecDSEE HXAvailable operating time
        AACAUTOMax. 3 hours
        AACOFFMax. 8 hours
        SBCAUTOMax. 3 hours
        SBCOFFMax. 8 hours
    • After you use the headset, store them in the charging case.
      • If you place the headset in your pocket, they are still considered being used and the power saving mode won't activate.