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Cautions about charging: How to protect headphones and earbuds from malfunction or damage

    IMPORTANT: Malfunctions caused by moisture and liquids, such as water, are not covered by the product limited warranty, and repair costs for such damage are the responsibility of the user. 

    Make sure everything is clean and dry

    Failure to follow these instructions may lead to malfunction and/or damage to the headphones or earbuds. To avoid any damage or malfunction, always carefully inspect for the following before charging:

    • Ensure there is no water, moisture, or dirt on or around the headphones, earbuds, charging case, charging port, or the surrounding area.
      If water, moisture, or dirt is found, remove it with a soft dry cloth and let it completely dry at room temperature before charging.
    • Make sure the USB cable is not damaged, deformed, wet, or dirty.
      If moisture or dirt is found, clean or dry the USB cable before using it. If the cable is damaged or deformed, use an undamaged USB cable.

    Avoid situations that may expose the headphones or earbuds to water or moisture

    If the headphones, earbuds, charging case, or charging port are used near water sources or moisture, they may become wet or develop condensation on or around them.

    • If you use In-Ear style headphones with a USB port cover (lid), make sure to securely close the lid after charging.
    • Do not use or store the headphones or earbuds near water sources (e.g. bathroom or kitchen sink, bathtub, shower, pool, etc.).
    • Do not use the headphones or earbuds in the rain, or carry them in your pocket, even if you are under an umbrella.