Travel Essentials for Music Lovers

Music essentials for your dream vacation

Everyone needs a break from reality once in a while to take time off work for yourself, absorb the culture of another country and de-stress from the demands of everyday life. Vacations are an important part of the year and you'll need these travel essentials to help fill all of your relaxing, fun and Instagram-worthy moments of the trip with music. 

There has always been an intriguing link between music and travel; whether it's checking out the local music scene, listening to music on the way to your destination, or even letting your favourite songs about faraway places influence your travel plans. But perhaps the most important connection between travel and music is the effect it can have on your state of relaxation. A survey from Statistics Canada revealed that respondents believed that rest and relaxation was the most popular benefit of vacations, with 63% ranking relaxation on vacation as highly important. While Psych Central has shown that listening to music slows the pulse and heart rate, lowers blood pressure and decreases the levels of stress hormones. Listening to music while in a beautiful, exotic place is the perfect recipe for relaxation. 

Relaxation is the most popular benefit of vacations

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63% of those surveyed ranked relaxation on vacation as highly important

Whether you're planning a family getaway to the beach or heading off to the city for a music festival, here are some of the best travel essentials for music lovers to relax and enjoy their trip of a lifetime.

Travel Essential #1

The Best Travel Gadget for Lounging at the Pool

One of the best things about taking a holiday is lounging by the pool and feeling all of your worries melt away. To make your time by the water even more relaxing and fun, bring along the SRS-XB3 portable wireless speaker with Bluetooth® as your travel essential. As you soak in the sunshine and work on that vacation tan, the SRS-XB3 will enhance your trip with the sounds of your favourite artists. Feel free to place this vibrantly coloured device close to the action, as its water-resistant design allows the speaker to follow the fun. When planning travel activities in or around the water, make sure to check the audio product's IPX level, also known as the Ingress Protection Rating, that rates the degree of protection that gadget has from water damage. The SRS-XB3 speaker is IPX5 compliant, meaning that it is protected from those water drops and splashes that inevitably occur when sitting poolside, but it should not be dropped into the pool because it is not 100% waterproof.

With 12 hours of battery life, this top vacation gadget is the perfect travel essential to keep your party going from morning till night. It wouldn't be a fun getaway without the sounds of dance music, and the SRS-XB3 elevates the impact of your favourite dance songs with EXTRA BASS technology. Maximize the punchiness of your favourite tunes, and beat the heat with the cool sounds of today's top artists, including the colourful pop of CHVRCHES and beloved pop star, Gwen Stefani. A day poolside will never be the same again with the SRS-XB3 helping you achieve that perfect vacation atmosphere that will have you doing backflips into the water.

Travel Essential #2

The Best Travel Gadget for Outdoor Adventures

If your idea of a good time is spending your days off exploring the wilderness, you'll need a travel gadget that can keep pace. The NW-WS410 Series Waterproof Walkman® is a must-have travel essential if you're a free spirit who spends your vacation in the water perfecting that backstroke, hiking the back trails in your favourite park or soaking up every bit of sun while getting fit. This Walkman® has an IP65/IP68 specification, meaning that you can use it in water up to a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes, even in salt water! The NW-WS410 Walkman® has room for more than 1,000 of your favourite songs to come along with you on each of your outdoor explorations. With 8 hours of battery life, there's no need to worry about missing a minute of your favourite music during the journey.

As you lace up your favourite hiking boots or check the air in your bicycle tires, this travel essential can easily travel along. Specially designed to stay out of your way and move with you, this Walkman® wraps comfortably around your head, without any wires to worry about. Fitting snuggly on your ears with adjustable earbuds, the portable music player will stay in place no matter which outdoor sport you choose to take on. And its lightweight size doesn't mean you'll have to sacrifice on sound quality, as the deep bass and dynamics of your favourite workout songs come through in motivating intensity with 13.5 mm drivers. Whether you're diving into the waters of a crystal blue ocean or admiring the views of a secluded mountain hike, your outdoor adventure will come to life with a fantastic soundtrack of your choice.

Travel Essential #3

The Best Travel Gadget for Music Festivals

For diehard music fans, music festivals are the highlight of the year. Whether you're spending a weekend in Chicago for Lollapalooza or heading to New York City for Electric Zoo, getting to your musical getaway may require some travel. As you board the train, plane or subway and prepare to head off to an adventure where the music comes alive, bring along your travel essential, the MDR-XB650BT EXTRA BASS headphones, to fill your journey with the songs of the headlining artists. This travel gadget will keep you entertained during travel, sightseeing and any spare moments you find to relax after the festival ends each evening. With EXTRA BASS technology and wireless freedom, these headphones are as serious about music as you are.

Explore the city surrounding the festival with these compact and lightweight headphones that will easily fit into any travel bag. With 30 hours of battery life, you'll enjoy the sounds of festival artists to help amp you up for the day and calm you down before climbing into bed and dreaming of meeting your favourite artist. Specifically made to amplify the sounds of the top electronic and dance music acts, the headphones will have you dancing until you leave the festival grounds and head home. Tune into the sounds of Skylar Spence's "Can't You See" as you explore the city and the throttling bass, bouncy beats and danceable synths, will leave you with a smile throughout your travels. 

Happy Travels

Wherever your travels may lead, these top travel essentials will weather the elements with you, providing you with a playlist of tunes through your many adventures. There's no stopping you as you head out and enjoy a season of road trips, outdoor excursions and poolside afternoons with friends and family. Dive into your vacation activities and bring your favourite songs along.

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