Full Specifications and Features



Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)
Approx. 102 x 20 x 7.4 mm
Approx. 29 g

General Features

Battery Type
Built-in Memory
Built-in Microphone
Calendar Search
LCD Backlight
Maximum files per folder
PC Connectivity
Playback Format
Recording Format
USB Connection Charging


Max. Recording time LPCM 44.1kHz, 16bit
21 Hrs 35 Min
Max. Recording time MP3 192kbps
159 Hrs
Max. Recording time MP3 128kbps
238 hrs
Max. Recording time MP3 48kbps (monaural)
636 hrs
Battery Life for recording LPCM 44.1kHz, 16bit
12 Hrs
Battery Life for recording MP3 192kbps
17 Hrs
Battery Life for recording MP3 128kbps
17 Hrs
Battery Life for recording MP3 48kbps (monaural)
17 Hrs
Frequency response LPCM 48 kHz, 16 bit
95–20,000 Hz
Frequency response MP3 192kbps
95–18,000 Hz
Frequency response MP3 128kbps
95–16,000 Hz
Frequency response MP3 48kbps (monaural)
95–14,000 Hz
Scene Select
Recording Monitor
Low-cut Filter

Playback & Edit

A-B Repeat
Digital Pitch Control (Speed Control)
Easy Search
Noise Cut
Track Mark

What's In The Box

  • Carrying Case
  • USB Cable


Image of the TX660 Digital Voice Recorder TX Series being placed in a top pocket

Fits right in your pocket

With a lightweight and ultra-thin design, the ICD-TX660 fits easily in your pocket, so it can go wherever you go and be ready at a moment’s notice. 

Image of the TX660 Digital Voice Recorder TX Series lying on its side.

Sleek, metallic design 

Enjoy premium feel in your hand with a sleek metallic body that makes the ICD-TX660 as stylish as it is practical. 

Icon for digital stereo microphone

High Quality Recording

The improved digital stereo microphone reduces background signal noise without sacrificing microphone sensitivity. Plus, its mounted parabolic form and improved digital stereo mic can record high-quality stereo sound.

Reduce background noise with Auto Voice Recording 

Recording someone talking? Switch on Auto Voice Recording to optimize audio capture settings for vocal frequencies. You’ll get cleaner recording with less background noise and reduced chance of audio loss from incorrect microphone settings.

Image of the One Push Record button on the TX660 Digital Voice Recorder TX Series

Never miss a moment

When you need to start recording in a rush, use the One Push Recording feature and recording will start immediately, even if the device had been powered off. 

16 GB built-in memory for extended recording

The ICD-TX660 has 16 GB of built-in memory, so you have plenty of storage space for your audio. Record for a maximum of 636 hours in one go, or store up to 5,000 separate files.

Image of the Time Jump button on the TX660 Digital Voice Recorder TX Series.

Get to the point with Time Jump

With the ICD-TX660, long-range skipping is simple. Use the Time Jump feature to skip 10% of the total playback time of each recording and find the important sections of your meeting, interview or lecture, with ease.

Image of the recording status light on the TX660 Digital Voice Recorder TX Series.

Check your recording status with a glance

The ICD-TX660 has an easier-to-see recording status LED light that can be seen from above. That means you can check your recording at a glance, whether it’s in your pocket or your bag.

Image of the large OLED display on the TX660 Digital Voice Recorder TX Series.

See more with a larger display

With an OLED Display that is 41% larger than the ICD-TX650 Voice Recorder, you can keep track of your recordings and read text more easily than ever.

Picture of TX660 Digital Voice Recorder TX Series

USB Type-C® Connectivity

The ICD-TX660 has a USB Type-C® port for convenient connectivity.

Picture of TX660 Digital Voice Recorder TX Series

Sustainability Features

Plastic comprises 10% or less of packaging material.