Work smarter and faster

Spend less time on every step

From your first shot to the final edit, our products help you get everything done faster. 

SF-G series TOUGH spec SD cards
Ultra-fast write speed

Our SF-G series TOUGH spec SD cards have the world’s fastest write speed—up to 299 MB/s. Our sister products SF-M series TOUGH spec SD cards can write up to 150 MB/s—ideal for burst shooting, hi-res shooting, or 4K videos.

Lightning-fast backup to PC

For ultra-fast data transfer you can cut backup times compared to regular UHS-I SD card readers with our MRW-S3, UHS-II SD/microSD reader on USB Hub.

UHS-II SD/microSD reader
external SSD SL-M series
Quicker editing, retouching and duplication 

The external SSD SL-M series has ultra-fast read/write speeds up to 1,000 MB/s, speeding up editing, retouching and duplication.

Up to 100 W USB Power Delivery for stable connection and fast transfer

The MRW-S3 UHS-II SD/microSD reader on USB Hub can receive up to 100 W from compatible USB PD AC adapters. It can easily deliver enough power to USB devices connected via USB Type-C™ and USB Standard-A port. It also delivers fast, stable data transfer from a host computer, including MacBook Pro. USB power level indicators let you check the power level available for each USB port.

USB-A & USB-C power lights
Simplify your workflow

Simplify your process from shooting to editing and publishing.

MRW-S3 UHS-II SD/microSD reader on USB Hub plus cables
Everything you need in one place

Don’t worry about needing different adapters to connect to each device. The MRW-S3 has UHS-II SD and microSD card readers, USB Type-C and USB Standard-A ports (supports USB 3.1 Gen 2) for USB device connections, an HDMI port for up to 4K 30fps output, up to 100 W USB PD input port, and “to PC” USB Type-C port to connect to a host PC with the supplied cable (USB Type-C to USB Type-C, with eMarker up to 20 V/5 A).

HDMI output with 4K 30fps 

To edit and retouch on a large, high-definition screen, you can easily connect your USB Type-C PC to an external monitor (up to 4K/30), using the MRW-S3’s HDMI output.

MRW-S3 UHS-II SD/microSD reader on USB Hub connected to a laptop
Tough and reliable

Made to perform in the toughest environments.

SF-G TOUGH spec and SF-M TOUGH spec SD cards
The world’s toughest SD cards 

SF-G TOUGH spec and SF-M TOUGH spec SD cards keep your data safe in the most extreme environments. As well as being the world’s toughest SD cards, they are ultra-high-grade waterproof and dustproof to IP68.

Ultra-resilient solid state drives

External SSD SL-M series and SL-C series are ultra-tough with a durable aluminum body. They are also: dustproof and waterproof to IP67, shockproof withstanding drops up to 3 m, 6,000 kgf press proof and 2,000 kgf bend proof.

SSD SL-M series durability test
SL-C SSD drive with durable wave surface
Durable wave surface

Our SL-M and SL-C External SSD, and the MRW-S3 UHS-II SD/microSD Reader on USB Hub, feature an aluminum body with a textured wave surface for secure handling and grip when connecting and disconnecting devices.

Reliable software

For peace of mind, our SD cards and the external SSD (SL-M and SL-C series) come with ‘Memory Card File Rescue’ for file recovery. ‘SD Scan Utility’ monitors the health of your SD card memory.

Editing images on a computer screen