Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras

ILCE-7SM3 Imagination In Motion video transcript

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Slow-motion shots of female model on urban rooftop at night, including full-length wide shots and close-up profile portraits with significant background bokeh, with close-up slow-motion frontal shot of α7S III held by grip in user’s right hand inserted

Rear view of camera held by grip in user’s right hand while left hand extends the LCD screen, displaying shot in progress

Sequence incorporating slow-motion intervals showing female model in urban environment at night

Sequence showing E-mount lens being mounted on camera body, power switch being turned on, and front left view of camera

Shot looking upward at dancer in studio falling and spinning on red streamer, incorporating slow-motion intervals

Frontal view of camera with user in background bokeh, followed by shot of user in focus with camera in foreground bokeh

Slow-motion sequence of dancer spinning and close-up of dancer’s hair

Close-up rear view of camera shooting diagonally upward with LCD screen extended and tilted backward to display the shot; initial focus is behind the camera, which is in foreground bokeh, then focus racks to the camera with bokeh now on the background

Front left view of large white zoom lens mounted on camera body, then close-up view of LCD screen displaying “1/250, F2.8” and red REC indicator

Head-and-shoulders slow-motion portrait of dancer spinning with hair flowing

Slow-motion shot of female model walking in urban subway with user following behind, shooting with camera held by grip in right hand

Shot incorporating slow-motion interval as camera viewpoint approaches the model from behind, passes close by her side and looks back at her face

Rear left view of camera handheld in restaurant kitchen, with LCD screen extended, and microphone with wind screen connected by cable to XLR/digital audio interface connected to Multi Interface shoe

Shot of restaurant chef carrying dish and tongs

Slow-motion close-up of flambée in pan on restaurant stove, from side then from above

Slow-motion close-ups of food preparation in restaurant kitchen

Slow-motion shot looking upward at dancer in studio falling on red streamer

Slow-motion shot of model walking in urban environment at night

Sequence of slow-motion shots of user with α7S III

Caption “Imagination in Motion” over slow-motion head-and-shoulders profile portrait of model with hair blowing in wind

Upper rear left view of camera body with light coming from viewfinder

Upper front right view of camera body with red-surrounded shutter button prominent

Frontal view of camera body with lens mounted


Caption “α7S III”


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