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My iPod or iPhone Doesn't Play When Connected to the Car Stereo

    Follow these steps if the iPod® or iPhone® mobile device won't play or stops playing back when connected to your car stereo.

    Before You Start

    • Make sure the mobile device is compatible with your car stereo. Check your manual for the compatibility list. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • Check if the sound plays through your car stereo without anything connected.
    • Check if the sound plays through the mobile device when not connected to your car stereo.
    • Make sure the mobile device has the latest firmware version installed. Contact your manufacturer for more information.
    • WARNING! There's a risk of hardware damage to the mobile device if the car engine is turned on when connecting it. Make sure to start the car engine before you connect it to your car stereo.


    Check if the mobile device plays when connected to your car stereo after each step. If model-specific information is required to complete a step, check your product manual for details.

    1. Reset the mobile device.
      • Check the mobile device manual or contact the manufacturer for details.
    2. If applicable, make sure that the car stereo is set to the Passenger control or Passenger App Control mode.
      • The operations of the mobile device will be through the car stereo when you set it.
    3. Reset your car stereo.

    If the issue still occurs, repair may be required.  Go to Product Repair.