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How to transfer video and pictures using the Bloggie Software

    Follow these steps to import and export videos and pictures.

    1. Power on the Bloggie.
    2. Connect the Bloggie to the computer's USB port with the built-in USB jack or the supplied USB adapter.
    3. When the USB connection is completed, the Mass Storage screen will appear on the LCD screen of the camera.
    4. If necessary, start the Bloggie Software.
    5. In the Bloggie Software window, all new photos and videos are automatically selected. Choose the Import new button and this will import all photos and videos to your PC.

      NOTE: You can also choose individual videos or pictures to import.

    6. After importing, you can edit a photo and trim video. You can then export the edited video or images back to the Bloggie by choosing the Import & Export button and then Export to Bloggie. Image