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The camera display does not automatically switch from the LCD screen to the viewfinder.

    The eyepiece or viewfinder sensor is automatically disabled when the FINDER/MONITOR(FINDER/LCD) is set to Monitor (LCD). Therefore, the camera display will not automatically switch looking through the viewfinder with this setting. Having the LCD screen active all the time gives the Live View function priority, which helps in achieving better compositions on a low or high shooting position.

    To switch to the viewfinder mode, press the FINDER/MONITOR (FINDER/LCD) button on the camera.


    Check on the following if the display still does not switch after switching to viewfinder mode:

    • Make sure that the eyepiece or viewfinder sensor is clean. Wipe off dusts or anything that might be blocking or on the sensor.
    • For cameras with tilting display screens, in some cases, light reflection can activate the eyepiece sensor to switch displays. Set the FINDER/MONITOR (FINDER/LCD) setting to MONITOR (LCD Monitor) to prevent the camera from switching display automatically.