Article ID : 00021754 / Last Modified : 09/04/2023Print

Error: Could not copy any selected content on Imaging Edge Mobile when using an Apple iOS device

    This error message will occur when the Imaging Edge Mobile request to access your photos was not set to ON under the Privacy settings of your Apple® iOS® device. Follow the steps to resolve this error.

    1. On the touch screen of your Apple® iOS® device, tap to select Settings.
    2. Tap Privacy.
      Note: If Privacy is grayed out and can't be selected, make sure the Restrictions option is set to Off by following the below steps. The same passcode you used to set this option isn't necessary to disable it.
      1. Tap General.
      2. Tap Restrictions.
      3. Enter your passcode.
      4. Tap Disable Restrictions.
    3. Tap Photos.
    4. Find and tap the Imaging Edge Mobile app.
    5. Tap to move the onscreen slide switch to ON.

    Note: When using an action camcorder, the movies that were recorded in PS mode can't be transferred to an iPad® mobile digital device or iPhone® mobile digital device regardless of the Privacy settings.