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The clock on the computer is losing time.

    The operating system uses and displays the same time and date that is set in the computer BIOS. If the time and date is set incorrectly in the BIOS, that incorrect time will also be shown in the operating system. Follow this procedure to troubleshoot the incorrect time and date.

    1. Reset the BIOS defaults of the computer.

      IMPORTANT: The procedure for resetting the BIOS defaults is model-specific. If you need the model-specific steps to complete a BIOS reset procedure, search this knowledge base again using the phrase Reset the BIOS defaults.

    2. Set the correct time and date:
    3. Turn off the computer, leave it off for at least 10 minutes, and then restart the computer.
    4. Check the system time.


    • If the system time is incorrect, the CMOS battery will need to be replaced.
    • The computer BIOS, which receives power from the CMOS battery, will maintain the correct time and date settings so long as it has sufficient power.
    • For the model-specific information on how to replace the CMOS battery, refer to the Users Guide supplied with the product. Manuals are posted on your model support page.