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What USB version is supported by Sony desktop and notebook computers?

    The following list contains information on the USB compatibility of Sony® computers.

    NOTE: A USB add-on card may be added to a computer to provide USB support, or increased USB support.

    USB 1.0 SupportUSB 1.1 SupportUSB 2.0 Support
    PCG 505 seriesPCG FX200 seriesPCG Z1A series
    PCG 700 seriesPCG FX300 seriesPCV RS300 series
    PCG 800 seriesPCG FX400 seriesPCV RS400 series
    PCG C1 seriesPCG FXA seriesPCV RS500 series
    PCG F seriesPCG GRX seriesPCV RS600 series
    PCG FX100 seriesPCG GRV600 seriesPCV RZ30 series
    PCG GR seriesPCG GRZ seriesPCV RZ40 series
    PCG R505 seriesPCG NV seriesPCV RZ50 series
    PCG SR seriesPCG SRX seriesPCV V100 series
    PCG VX seriesPCG V505 seriesPCV V200 series
    PCG XG seriesPCV J150PCV W series
    PCG Z505 seriesPCV LX800 seriesPCG K series
    PCV Numeric seriesPCV LX900 seriesPCG TR series
    PCV E seriesPCV RX300 seriesPCG V505E series
    PCV J100PCV RX400 seriesPCG Z1WA series
    PCV J120PCV RX500 seriesVGC RA series
    PCV J200PCV RX600 seriesVGN series
    PCV L seriesPCV RX700 seriesPCV RX800 series
    PCV R seriesPCG FR100 series
    PCV RX200 seriesPCG GRS700 series
    PCG GRT100 series
    PCG GRX700 series
    PCG GRZ600 series
    PCV RZ 10 series
    PCV RZ 20 series

    NOTE: If the model is not listed in the table, refer to the product specifications. Manuals are posted on your model support page.