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How to configure the Set Top Box (STB) remote control and IR receiver.

    Follow this procedure to configure the Set Top Box (STB) remote control and IR receiver in the Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2004 operating system.

    IMPORTANT: This procedure must be performed while logged in as Administrator or to an account with Administrator rights.

    NOTE: Ensure the STB has been configured for Infrared (IR) remote control reception. Refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual to configure the STB for IR remote control reception.

    1. Connect the IR receiver to an available USB port.
    2. Connect the remote sensor to the IR receiver and place it in a location that enables direct communication with the remote control.
    3. On the taskbar , click the Start button, and then click the Media Center icon.
    4. In the Start window, click My TV.
    5. In the MY TV window, click Settings.
    6. In the SETTINGS window, click Set up TV Signal.

      NOTE: If the TV SIGNAL SETUP box is displayed, click the Yes button.

    7. Under Setup Your TV Signal, click the Next button.
    8. Under Choose Your TV Signal, click to select Cable or digital cable or Satellite.
    9. Click the Next button.
    10. Under Do you have the Set-top Box? window, click to select Yes.
    11. Click the Next button.
    12. Under Prepare for Set-top Box Setup window, click the Next button.
    13. Under Choose a Working Signal, click to select the appropriate input where the Set Top Box (STB) is connected.

      NOTE: The video will be shown when the correct working signal is selected.

    14. Click the Next button.

      NOTE: If Set-top Box Already Configured is displayed, click to select Start over and reconfigure , and then click the Next button.

    15. Under Set-top Box Remote, click to select Yes.
    16. Click the Next button.
    17. Under Identify Set-Top Box Remote, click the Next button.
    18. Under Identify Set-Top Box Remote, press and hold the button required on the on-screen display.
    19. Continue following the on-screen instructions until Set-Top Box Remote Identified is displayed.
    20. Click the Next button.
    21. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the remote control configuration.