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How Do I Lock the Focus on a Specific Subject?

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Lock-on AF Feature

Use the Lock-on Autofocus (Lock-on AF) to lock the focus on a specific subject. Follow the steps below to use Lock-on AF.

  1. Set the Focus Mode to Continuous Autofocus (Continuous AF/AF-C).
  2. Select an appropriate Focus Area for your subject.
    • Choose Lock-on AF: Wide if the subject is moving and the background is not that complicated, .
    • Lock-on AF: Zone is effective when your subject's movement will be limited to certain zone within the monitor.
    • Focusing usually fails in either Lock-on AF: Wide or Lock-on AF: Zone when the contrast between the subject and the background is strong, or there are other objects in front of the subject. On these situations, choose Lock-on AF: Center or Lock-on AF: Flexible Spot / Expand Flexible Spot.
  3. Align the subject on the selected focus area on the monitor, then press the shutter halfway.
  4. Release the shutter when the desired composition is achieved.