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What Type Of Analog Extension Cable Do I Need for My Android TV?

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Make sure the specifications of the Video IN jack on your Android TV™ match the specifications of the cable. Even if they appear the same, the standard wiring specifications may be different. Therefore, select a cable with functions 1 - 4 arranged on the jack as follows:

The following diagram shows the detail and the connection of the analog extension cable.

RCA jacks

  • A: Analog Extension Cable (Not supplied with all TVs).
  • B: Terminal area of the side that connects to the TV. Plug size is 3.5mm in diameter.
  • C: RCA pin cable (Not supplied).
  • D: TV.
  • E: VCR,Video game, DVD player, Camcorder, etc.

Functions are arranged in the following order from the tip of the terminal:

  1. Audio Left (L)
  2. Video
  3. Ground
  4. Audio Right (R)


  • Check the manual to confirm if your TV has a supplied analog extension cable and how to connect it to your TV. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
  • If you use a different type of cable, the image or sound signal will not work correctly.