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How do I set up an Android TV for the first time?

    The Initial setup starts when you first turn on the TV after purchasing it or after a factory data reset was performed. During the Initial setup, you can connect to the internet, add Google™ accounts to use Android™ apps, and perform tuning to receive TV broadcasts.

    To make the most of your TV, follow the instructions provided below to complete the Intitial setup and sign in to your Google account.

    Before you start

    • Make sure your TV has an active internet connection.
    • Make sure you have a Google account.
    • The screenshots provided in this article are based on a TV with Android™ 8.0 and are only for reference.
      • The actual screen and procedure vary depending on your TV model and OS version.
      • If a specific step isn't included here, follow the on-screen instructions.

    Complete the Initial setup

    1. Turn on your TV.
    2. Select your preferred language.
    3. On the Set up your TV with an Android phone or tablet or Do you have an Android phone or tablet? screen, select Yes or Skip.
      • If you select Yes,  follow the on-screen instructions.
    4. On the Select your Wi-Fi® network screen, select your preferred network settings.

      View image of the screen

    5. On the Enter password for... screen, press the ENTER button to display the on-screen keyboard, and then enter your password.
    6. Select NEXT.
      • A message Connected Successfully displays on the screen when connection is complete.
    7. On the Make the most of your TV screen, select Sign In or Skip.
    8. If you select Sign In, the Make the most of your TV Sign in to your account or Sign in to Google screen appears. You may select from the following options:

      • Select SKIP if you want to sign in later to access certain Google app and services on your TV.
      • Select Use your remote or Use your password for easy Google sign-in.
      • Select Use your phone or computer or Use your phone or laptop if you like to hide your Google account and password from being displayed on the TV screen.
        • Your phone or computer has to be connected to the same network as your TV.
    9. Enter your Google account information, and then press the ENTER button.
    10. On the Google Terms of Service screen, select ACCEPT.
    11. On the Location screen, select Yes or No.
    12. On the Help improve Android performance screen, select Yes or No.
      • This sends diagnostic information to Google.
    13. On the Choose a name for your... screen, select your preferred name from the list or select Enter custom name.

      View image of the screen

    14. Select your country.
    15. If the Meet your Google Assistant screen displays, follow the on-screen instructions.

      View image of the screen

    16. On the Privacy Policy screen, select Agree or Agree all.
      • This allows your TV to receive software downloads.
    17. On the Parental Lock screen, enter any 4-digit PIN code.
      • A message PIN code has been sent to confirm the activation of your new PIN.
      • You'll need your PIN code when you change the Parental Lock settings or when you temporarily unblock a blocked digital or satellite service.
    18. On the Do you want to start Satellite Auto Tuning screen, select Start or Skip.
      • If the IR Blaster setup screen displays, check this article on how to set up the IR Blaster to control your TV and set-top box.
      • If you select Start, the Select the broadcast type to automatically search for services screen displays. Select from the following options.

        View image of the screen

        • Digital and Analogue
        • Digital
        • Analogue
        • Skip
    19. On the Specify how your TV is positioned screen, select either Table-top Stand or Wall Mount.
    20. On the Remote start screen, select On or Off.
      • This function allows an external device to turn on your TV.
    21. A message Setup completed displays on the screen and your TV should now be ready. Select Complete.
      • Depending on the OS version of your TV, the TV introduction (tutorial) screen may appear. Press the right arrow button on your remote control to proceed. Make sure you don't skip this section.

        View image of the screen

      • Your TV now takes you to the home screen.

        View image of the home screen

    Perform Initial setup using the TV menu

    You can also access the Initial setup in the TV menu.

    1. Press the HOME button.
    2. Select Settings or the Settings icon icon.
    3. Under TV category, select Initial setup or Auto start-up.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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