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How do I set a PIN code for my TV or cancel a PIN code that I forgot?

    You can use these instructions to set a PIN code to use for parental lock settings or a restricted profile for broadcast (cable/antenna) signals and streaming channels. The instructions to cancel or reset a PIN code differ with each feature and depend on your model. Check your TV manuals if you need model-specific instructions.

    Note: To check the type of your TV, refer to the article How to check if your BRAVIA TV is a Google TV™, Android TV™, or other TV.

    See the section for your TV model, then check How to set or cancel a PIN code.

    Before you start

    • Make sure your TV has the latest software installed. Downloads are posted on your model support page.
    • If you forgot your Parental lock PIN code, enter the master PIN code for your TV.
    • You can only change your PIN code from your profile if you're not in the Restricted profile mode.

    W8L, X64L_X70L_X74L_X75L, X77L_X78L, W8K, X74K, X75K, W8, X7, and X75H series

    How to set or cancel a PIN code

    Other Google TV models and Android TV models are listed below

    Target Android TV models: A8H, A9S, X9000H, X80H, X81H, X85H, X90H, X91H, X95H (49, 85), X95H (55, 65, 75), Z8H, Z9H series

    How to set or cancel a PIN code

    Other Android TV models

    How to set or cancel a PIN code