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Troubleshooting power and charging issues on a wireless speaker

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This article provides information about the power and charging of your Bluetooth® speakers.

Can't charge the battery

  • Make sure that the micro-USB cable is firmly connected to the USB AC adaptor.
  • Make sure the USB AC adaptor is firmly connected to the speaker and the AC outlet.
  • We recommend using a USB AC adaptor with an output current of 1.5 A or more and a supplied micro-USB cable or micro-USB cable that conforms to the USB standard.
  • It may take time to fully charge the battery depending on the specifications of the USB cable or adaptor when you use a USB AC adaptor for iPhone® or iPad® device.
  • You can't use a charging-only micro USB cable with no data transmission capabilities for some models. Check your device manual for model-specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

The CHARGE indicator doesn't light up

  • If you connect the speaker to the supplied USB AC adapter while the power is on, the CHARGE indicator won't light up, but the battery will charge.
  • If you charge the battery while the speaker is off, the CHARGE indicator will light up.

Charging time takes too long

Note: Charging time varies depending on battery usage conditions.

Charging time takes about five hours when the device is off and may take longer in the following cases:

  • If you use the speaker while you charge it.
  • If you didn't use your speaker for a long time.

The CHARGE indicator turns off immediately and charging isn't completed

The CHARGE indicator may turn off and charge won't complete in the following cases:

  • The battery is already fully charged.
  • Ambient temperature exceeds the range of 41 °F - 95 °F (5 °C - 35 °C).
  • There is a problem with the battery.

The battery life is short

The estimated battery life is 12 hours, but may vary depending on the following:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Conditions of use
  • Volume level