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How to insert the date when printing from the PlayMemories Home software for Windows.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the recent version of PlayMemories Home™ software installed on your computer.

    Follow the steps below to insert a date stamp when printing using the PlayMemories Home software.


    • The PlayMemories Home software can be downloaded online.
    • The PlayMemories Home software for Mac® operating system does not support this function.
    • If you set to superimpose a date on a photo wherein the date has already been stamped, the previously stamped date will not be removed.
    1. Click Print in the Tools section of the PlayMemories Home screen.


    2. Click Standard Printing.

      Standard printing

    3. Select the photos you want to print, and then drag and drop them into the area on the right side.

      Drag and drop

    4. Click Next.

      Click Next

    5. Put a check in Print date taken. Click Advanced Settings ... to specify the date format, color, and position.

      Advance settings

    6. When you finish the settings from Advanced Settings..., click OK.

      NOTE: The date stamp will be displayed according to your settings on the photo in the preview window.

      Click OK on Advanced settings

    7. Click Print.

      Click Print

      NOTE: All the selected photos will be printed with the date stamp of the same format, color, and position.


    For more information and help using the PlayMemories Home software, visit PlayMemories Home Support.