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How to watch a UFC pay-per-view event in 4K.

    NOTE: Only available in the United States and Canada.
    UFC 200 4K

    Applicable models:

    • XBR-xxX830C
    • XBR-xxX850C
    • XBR-xxX900C
    • XBR-xxX910C
    • XBR-xxX930C
    • XBR-xxX940C
    • XBR-xxX850D
    • XBR-xxX930D
    • XBR-xxX940D

    NOTE: If you have a different model Android TV, you can still watch UFC®  Pay-per-view events. Download the UFC app through the Google Play™ store.


    • Stable high-speed internet broadband 20 mbps or higher.
      NOTE: Connecting your TV to the modem or router using a wired connection is recommended to maintain a stable connection.
    • Download the latest software update for the TV.
      NOTE: The following message will appear when selecting the UCF app prior to updating the TV.
      Must update
    • Use the UFC app built-into the TV.
      • Press the Home button.
      • Select Featured Apps,
      • Select the UFC app.
        Featured Apps
    • Select and purchase the UFC event in 4K.
      NOTE: UFC must make the event available in 4K.  

    Go to  for more information and details.