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How to perform the initial setup on an Android TV with the Android 6.0 operating system.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    To perform the initial setup of the Android TV™ with the 6.0 (Marshmallow) operating system, follow these steps below.

    1. Connect the AC power cord of the Android TV to a surge protector or a wall outlet.
    2. Power on the Android TV.
    3. On the Language selection screen, select English.
    4. On the Do you have an Android phone or tablet screen, select Yes.

      IMPORTANT: Make sure that the Bluetooth® setting and the Wi-Fi® setting of your Android mobile device are enabled before proceeding with the steps. If either or both of these settings are turned off, your Android mobile device will not detect the Android TV.

      Do you have an Android phone or tablet screen

      NOTE: The Set up your TV with Android screen appears.

      Follow the steps below to search for your device.

      1. On your mobile device, tap the Google app.
      2. Search Set up my device.

      TV screen

      Android TV screen

      Mobile device screen

    5. On the mobile device, select the name of the Android TV.
      The screen for Select the name of the TV Choose Your TV on the Mobile device
    6. Verify that the code on the mobile device is the similar with the code displayed on the Android TV.
      Verify the code on the TV Verify code on the mobile device
    7. On the mobile device, select your access point to connect to your wireless network.
    8. On the mobile device, confirm your pattern.
    9. On the mobile device, choose your account.
      Confirm the access point you are  usingUnlock your pattern and choose your account choosing a Google account
      device connected


    10. To sync to your account, enter your password.

      Enter your password then it will sync to your account

      NOTE: Once the Internet and Google® account is successfully connected, you should see the screen below. Then, proceed to the next steps.

      Internet and Google account connected

    11. On the Google Terms and Agreement screen, select ACCEPT.
    12. On the Location screen, select YES.
    13. On the Help improve Android TV screen, select YES.
    14. On the Select your region screen, select U.S.A..
    15. On the BRAVIA Privacy Policy screen, select AGREE.
    16. Under the How will your TV receive programming screen, select SET-TOP BOX, if you are using a cable or satellite box; BUILT-IN TUNER, if you are using a direct cable or antenna; or skip, if there is no antenna, direct cable or set-top box connected to the Android TV.
    17. On the Setup Complete! screen, select DONE.