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Unable to Sign in to the Google Play Store of the Android TV

    Before You Start

    It is necessary that the Android TV™ is connected to an active internet connection.

    Troubleshooting Steps

    If you are unable to sign in to your Google Play™ Store account or if an error There was a problem sign-into your account occurs, check the following:

    1. On your computer, browse to the Google® account support website.
    2. In the Google Account support page, select Learn more.
    3. If you have forgotten your password, select You forgot your password.

      Note: For all other account issues, select the appropriate option in the image below, and follow the on-screen instruction.


    4. In the Google Account support page, enter your email address.
    5. In the Account help screen, enter the last password you remember, or select Try a different question if you don't remember your password.


      • You will be asked some questions to confirm your account. Make sure to answer the questions as best you can.
      • If you still have access to the alternative email registered to your Google account, use the Account help verification question to retrieve your account, then enter the six digit code sent to your alternative email account.
    6. In the Change your password screen, create a new, strong password for your Google account.
    7. Confirm the password you have entered, and then select Change password.
    8. Sign in to the Google Play Store of the Android TV using your new password.