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Use Photo Sharing Plus to Display Photos, Videos, and Songs on Your TV

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You can use Photo Sharing Plus to view photos, videos, and songs on your TV from your Android™ or iOS™ mobile device

Setup Photo Sharing Plus

Your TV type determines the steps to set up Photo Sharing Plus.

  • Android TV™ models
    1. Enable the Renderer function of your TV
    2. Start Photo Sharing Plus.
      1. Press the HOME button.
      2. Under the Apps category, select the Photo Sharing Plus app.
      3. In the Photo Sharing Plus app screen, select Start.
    3. Connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi® network as your TV.

  • Other TVs
    1. Enable the Renderer Function of your TV.

    2. Start Photo Sharing Plus.

    3. Connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV.

Photo Sharing Plus Functions

  • Display a Photo on TV
    1. Tap on your mobile device to start.
    2. Select a photo.
      • Your TV will display the photo you selected.
  • Save a Photo Displayed on TV
    1. Tap thumbnail on your device, then hold the photo to open the context menu.
    2. Select OK.


  • Connect a USB flash drive to store up to 50 photos.
  • You can connect up to ten smartphones or tablets to your TV at the same time.
  • The maximum file size of each photo is 20 MB.
  • You can also throw a background music with a maximum file size of 30 MB.
  • The default browser for Android 2.3 or higher is supported.
  • The default browser for iOS operating system is supported, but with limited functions depending on the iOS version.
  • For other TVs, refer to the manual to determine if it supports Photo Sharing Plus.
  • If using other mobile devices, check the supplied manual to perform the necessary steps above.
  • You can't save music to a different device.
  • You can't save videos on iOS devices.

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