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Difference Between Proxy File Recording and Dual Video Recording

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    High-quality videos shot in XAVC S HD and XAVC S 4K formats have excellent detail and suit well for advance editing. However, due to the large bitrate and volume they're not suitable for direct downloading into social networks and video hosting, and their comfortable video editing (especially 4K) requires a powerful computer. In this case, a proxy file may be useful.

    Proxy File Recording

    A proxy file is an auxiliary copy of the original file, which has a lower resolution and /or is easier to process on the computer mode or compression algorithm. Their viewing and marking in the installation line of the program on the computer requires much less resources, so the proxy files are convenient to use for comfortable viewing. Most popular video editors can create proxy files themselves when downloading original files.


    • Preparation of such files may take a little time.
    • May require additional space on the hard disk.

    The mode of recording proxy files in your camera allows you to create them directly during the main video shooting, and don't spend time and place in the hard disk to create proxy files on the computer.

    In addition, you can transfer proxy files directly from your camera into the mobile device so you can post it on the internet. This is very useful if there's a need to share the storyline right away, which will then be mounted in a higher quality form in a full-fledged Full HD or 4K movie.

    Dual Video Recording

    Dual video recording mode also allows you to simultaneously record a lighter and more suitable video for uploading to the internet.


    • Not similar to the original file.
    • Not used as a layout for video editing.

    What's the Difference?

    The table below shows you the difference between proxy file recording and dual video recording.

    Dual Rec

    Proxy Rec

    Video format


    XAVC S

    Frame rate

    30p fixed

    same as master file*

    Audio format

    Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)


    Meta-data (Timecodes, TC/UB)


    same as master file*

    Start/stop timing

    May delay up to several seconds

    same as master file - up to frame precise




    * In recording modes with a frame rate of 100p / 120p, the proxy recording isn't available. In SUPER SLOW MOTION recording mode, proxy files are created and can be transferred into mobile devices.