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General Information on Wireless In-Ear Sports Headphones

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    Before Use

    • Fit the headphones securely in your ears.

    • Use the supplied carrying holder of the WI-SP500 to secure the cable.

      Carry Holder

    • VIDEO: Adjust Your In-Ear Headphones

    Operating the Headphones

    • Enable noise canceling and ambient sound modes.

    • Enable preset options:
      • Press the power powerbutton or NC/AMB button two times to switch to preset Ambient sound control and Equalizer modes.
    • Play, pause, and skip to the next track

    Use the Headphones Connect App and Voice Assist Feature

    • The Headphones Connect app allows you to set the following with the WF-SP700N and WI-SP600N:
      • Display the remaining battery life of the headset.
      • Display the Bluetooth connection codec.
      • Turn noise canceling on/off.
      • Set the Ambient Sound mode.
      • Select the Equalizer setting.
      • Set the Bluetooth connection mode to select the sound quality.
      • Set the Quick Sound Settings function.
      • Adjust volume.
      • Play music, pause, fast-reverse, fast-forward.
      • Check the connection status and the settings of the headphones.
      • Quick Sound Settings.
    • Activate the microphone of the headphones to use the Voice Assist feature of your smartphone.
      • WF-SP700N
        • On the right earbud, press and hold the button for two seconds. Activation sounds and voice assist audio is heard from the left earbud.
      • WI-SP600N
        • Press and hold the Phone icon button.
      • WI-SP500
        • Press the Phone icon button two times for 0.5 sec and release it.

    Charge the Battery


    WI-SP600N and WI-SP500

    Clean the Headphones

    The headphones are sweat and splash-proof rated (IPX4 rating). After using the headphones, wipe off any water droplets with a soft dry cloth. If there are water droplets inside the hole of the earbud, remove the eartip and point the sound duct downward, then shake it two or three times.

    Cleaning headphones

    If the WF-SP700N charging terminal gets dirty, clean it with a soft cloth.

    Wipe terminals