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I can't select the 120p/100M setting to record video and it shows only 100p/100M

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    When attempting to select the highest frame and bit rate combination of the camera (120p/100M), you may only see the 100p/100M listed as the highest setting. If your camera is capable of 120p/100M, then you will need the make sure the TV system setting is NTSC. The 120p frame rate is not available for the PAL setting.

    Set the TV system setting to NTSC

    1. Select MENU
    2. Navigate to and select Settings
    3. Highlight NTSC/PAL Selector
    4. Set to NTSC

    Wait for the camera to reboot and go to the Record Setting section, where you can change the frame rate/bit rate setting to 120p/100M.


    • The file format must be set to XAVC S HD
    • To record using another TV system, re-format the memory card or use another.
    • The 120p/100p frame rates can't be selected for the Intelligent Auto and Sceen Selection modes.